Tornado Taco was established in 2002 in Missouri City, Texas in a small, 600 square foot building with a drive-thru. It has since become a local institution in the area, commonly called Quail Valley. About 8 years ago, a sister company called Tornado Burger was established, just a mile up the road in Stafford. By now, that has also become a local institution with a great following!

The Spring Branch store began its life as a Tornado Burger, in an old fire-ravaged building that was completely gutted and rebuilt: because of the popularity of Breakfast Tacos, the name was changed to Tornado Taco, and both menus were offered. That caused slowdowns, and although business was brisk, the complexity of the menu meant something had to give.

The new menu is strictly foods of the Mexican genre. The menu is well organized and created with freshness and speed of service in mind. With online ordering now available, Tornado Taco will no doubt be the favorite of local offices and homes alike: no one in both areas can compete with the quality, speed of service, and the fresh, wholesome nature of menu offerings.



Own your own Tornado Taco

Remember, restaurants are expensive, high risk and require a lot of hard work. We might as well recommend you take that money and go to Vegas. The odds are about the same. If you lose it all, it won’t be over months or years that way!

However, if you insist, and are capitalized to at least $200,000, and have experience in the industry, we will certainly listen. Please drop us a line with your contact information.